Every business location is unique, and our customers’ needs will differ based on the specific work environment and hazards. The information provided on this website should not be used as a substitute for reviewing OSHA, ANSI or other applicable regulations/standards, performing official safety training, or conducting on-site safety analysis. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine what first aid supplies are adequate and where they should be located. ANSI Class A First Aid Kits contain products that are designed to cover most common workplace injuries.

Safetymart offers a comprehensive suite of first aid products and PPE to help keep your employees safe and productive on the job, saving you time and reducing cost. Safetymart services include:

  • First Aid Kit & First Aid Cabinet Supply
  • Restocking and Delivery of First Aid Supplies
  • PPE Supply & Restocking


Safetymart will  save you time and money on our first aid supplies. Our safety products and services help you:

  • Regular scheduled restocking service
  • Reduce injuries
  • Boost employee productivity and morale, and improve your bottom line

First Aid Cabinets

Maintain compliance and employee productivity with first aid cabinets and supplies. We can help you bolster your workplace first aid program by supplying first aid kits that are fully stocked and inspected each time we visit. First aid supplies are organized and easily accessible if workplace accidents occur. Our business first aid kits meet OSHA requirements and ANSI recommendations. Products are designed to cover most common workplace injuries including bandages, sterile gauze pads, gloves, alcohol wipes and more. We offer two first aid kit options – one with over-the-counter medications and one without. Our service helps you support workplace safety by replenishing products that are running low or expiring soon. We know you are busy managing your business; let us save you time by handling your first aid cabinet and service on a schedule that works for your needs