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Best® Nitri-Solve® 22 mil - 19” Unlined Nitrile - 747/Sold by the dozen.

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Best® Nitri-Solve® 22 mil - 19” Unlined Nitrile - 747 - Sold by the dozen Made from our special nitrile (NBR) compound, Nitri-Solve provides excellent protection against abrasion, puncture, cut and snag resistance to a broad range of solvents, animal fats and other chemicals. Permeation testing shows that Nitri-Solves chemical resistance is equal to or better than that of any other similar nitrile glove. Nitri-Solves case-hardened finish enhances both chemical and abrasion resistance and makes it easy to pull on and off. A non-slip grip makes wet work easier, safer, and Nitri-Solves ergonomic design maximizes comfort. Nitri-Solve is available in flock-lined and unlined styles in varying thicknesses and lengths for a wide range of applications. Each hand is embossed with glove size for ease of pairing after laundering. In Compliance 21CFR, 170-199*


Mil Thickness:
22 Mil