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Best® Zorb-IT® 4550/Sold by the dozen.

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Best® Zorb-IT® 4550 – Flat-dipped – Sponge Nitrile - Sold by the dozen Zorb-IT® unique sponge-nitrile technology is changing the rules of what a flat-dip nitrile glove can be. Zorb-ITs sponge nitrile produces a Maximum Oil Absorbency (MXOA) nitrile dip that conforms and adheres to the nylon shell like no other glove available. The result is a glove that beats the competition in laundering nearly three-to-one, and absorbs almost twice as much oil and grease while still delivering a sure grip. Whats more, Zorb-IT doesnt delaminate after only a few washes, standing up to repeated washings with no shrinkage. Zorb-ITs revolutionary design is what youd expect from the worldwide leader in hand protection technology. Recommended Uses: aircraft assembly, assembly, auto¬motive assembly, automotive repair, brick & tile handling, bricks, cold-weather construction, concrete work, construc¬tion, disaster relief, drywall hanging, Extrication, extrusion handling, fabrication, factory applications, farming, fiberglass handling, fishing, grinding, lawn care, lumbering, machine applications, oily grip, automotive maintenance, asbestos abatement, ESD applications, general purpose work glove, cotton and leather replacement .