Metal Detectable Benefits

by Safety Mart

The use of metal detectable tools, protective equipment and supplies will yield a food or pharma manufacturer several valuable benefits when compared to traditional products:

Plastic lightness minimizes user fatigue, maximizing productivity

Lower cost than solid metal tools makes affordable switchovers possible

Easy sanitation with solid molded, easily disinfected or autoclavable designs

Color variety creates greater options for color coding in process control

Why Metal Detectable Products Are Better Than Solid Metal

CK Safety metal-detectible plastic products outperform solid metal tools in cost, usability and process control. A unique molding process impregnates a detectable metallic additive equally across every square millimeter of the item’s composition, assuring that even small fragments will be readily sensed by metal detection or X ray devices. Look at any of our items closely, and you can literally see the presence of impregnation protect