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Metal Detectable Easy Grips

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Metal Detectable Easy Grips - Sold by the pack 5/pack The EasyGrip Metal Detectable Pen Grip stops pens and other writing instruments from rolling off and into the process and production area workflow. The EasyGrip is ergonomically designed for ease of writing or manual use! Specifically designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries and can be used as part of HACCP, the Metal Detectable EasyGrip has been developed to assist in the handling of pens/pencils in both greasy or cold environments, especially if workers are wearing gloves or other hand types protectors. As its name states, the EasyGrip slips-on easily for a wide range of applications, such as pencils, pens, modeling (Exacto) knives and tools, picks, probes, scribes or any pencil-like instruments.