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North® Grip N® Hot Mill - Nitrile Coated Gloves/Sold by the dozen.

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North® Grip N® Hot Mill - Nitrile Coated Gloves - Sold by the dozen. Glove-within-glove design provides protection against high heat. Mens Large Features: • Provides protection against intermittent heat up to 400 F. • Nitrile palm coating provides excellent grip and longer life. • Knit design allows hands to breathe, unlike cut/sewn hot mill gloves. • Available with extended cuffs for additional protection above the wrist. • Steam-proof version has a three layer design: • Inner layer of cotton provides hand comfort and wicks perspiration away from skin. • Outer layer has excellent grip. • Protective layer in between gloves provides resistance to steam. • All three work together to provide a lightweight solution for working in hot, steamy applications. • Complies with USDA and FDA regulations, 21 CFR, for use in food processing. • Ideal for automotive assembly, food processing, manufacturing.