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3M™ 6000 Series Drop Down Half Facepiece


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3M™ 6000 Series Drop Down Reusable Half Facepiece

The 6000 Drop Down Series facepiece is the latest innovation in half facepiece design. The facepiece incorporates a unique drop down head harness system so that workers outside the contaminated area can more easily communicate without totally removing the respirator. It is designed for workers who wear hard hats or hard hats with liftable faceshields. With this system, the facepiece drops straight down onto the chest by detaching the neck strap.

Features & Benefits

• Workers do not need to remove the hard hat to remove the facepiece. Simply detach the neck strap and facepiece drops to the workers chest.
• Eliminates the tendency of workers to wear the head cradle over the hard hat.
• The head cradle will adjust to the individual workers head size.
• New, durable straps will hold their elasticity longer.
• The upper strap adjustment is on the head cradle so the strap ends do not interfere with the workers vision.
• The exhalation valve is protected by the valve cover, increasing worker confidence in challenging conditions.
• The exhalation valve cover directs the air downward, helping to eliminate fogging of the faceshield.
• The facepiece is available with spare parts.
• Use with 3MTM 2000 Series, 5000 Series, 6000 Series and 7093 filters, cartridges, and accessories.

Suggested Applications
• Painting
• Welding
• Abatement
• Wood-working
• Metal-working
• Automotive manufacturing
• Chemical manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical manufacturing
• Petrochemical
• Nuclear
• Utilities
• Primary metals

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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