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9-in-1 SafetyPUCK – CA-130


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Flashing safety lights shine at roadside protection

Safety Puck comes in Yellow with Amber LED Lights and Red with Red LED lights.

A flashing safety light: your first defense in highway emergencies

The bright, eye-catching flashing of an LED safety light instantly warns motorists away from the site of a stalled vehicle or accident, improving traffic safety and adding immediate peace of mind to a driver disabled in dangerous traffic. The flash of sixteen high-intensity LED warning lights sends an instant and powerful signal to stay away, strong enough to be seen in the light of a bright noonday sun. The 9-in-1 SafetyPuck is on the job directing traffic within seconds after an accident, thanks to a strong magnet that fastens it immediately to any metal car exterior and keeps flashing a safety signal in the harshest weather. Its equally suitable as a safety light for placement on the roadway leading up to an accident site…get several and multiply the safety!

Nine flashing patterns, up to 100 hours of safety

SafetyMarts LED light safety system is engineered to keep flashing in the toughest of settings. Its roadworthy design makes a light easy to store in a typical trunk…ready for use anytime trouble strikes.

  • Nine selectable flashing patterns draw maximum roadside attention
  • Four season protection operates from -40o to 100o F
  • Daytime visibility 1000 ft., nighttime 3000 ft. – the length of ten football fields!
  • Completely waterproof
  • Runs from 5-100 hours on a single low-cost CR-123 battery (included)

Safety equip your fleet, or give an attention-getting gift

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in



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