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Bullard® Underbrim Anti-Glare Decal, UBG


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Bullard® Underbrim Anti-Glare Decal, UBG

Bullard offers hard hat wearers a variety of inexpensive accessories that help block the suns dangerous ultraviolet rays, keep workers cool and enhance their productivity on the job. While Bullard hard hats and caps shade the workers head from direct sunlight, these accessories provide added protection from the discomforts associated with overexposure to the sun.

• “See through” front for overhead visibility

• Extends hat brim 360 degrees to protect face, neck and ears from sun exposure

• Reduces glare

• For all helmets, hard hats and caps

• Hard hat not included

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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