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Matrix™ Orange Earplugs – NRR 29


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Matrix™ Orange Earplugs – NRR 29 –


We made the diameter smaller, but packed in more innovation. The result is the patented Matrix, a triumph of hearing protection technology. It promises enhanced communication, safety and compliance. And forget rolling forever. Insertion is fast, and protection is instant upon proper insertion. A revolutionary, super-soft outer skin ensures comfort, and low-pressure foam does away with that plugged-up feeling. Plus, Matrixs uniform attenuation blocks harmful noise while voice frequencies can be heard more naturally, combating worker isolation and over protection on the job. NRR 29. 200 pair.

• Patented no-roll design makes insertion fast and easy
• Smooth outer skin and reduced diameter provide long-term comfort
• Delivers instant protection upon proper insertion – no need to wait for foam to expand

• Uniform attenuation profile blocks out noise while voice frequencies can be heard more naturally
Three attenuation levels for targeted attenuation
• Bulk refills for Leight® Source 400 and Leigh® Source 500 Earplug Dispensers save time, waste and space

200pr/bx – MTX-1-OR

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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