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Metal Detectable Swipe Card Holder


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Metal Detectable Swipe Card Holder
Metal Detectable Swipe Card Holder
Adds New Dimension to Using “All Due Diligence”

Security within the food industry is a constant concern. Companies need to restrict access to sensitive and high risk areas not only for their integrity but to protect their products, consumers and their brands reputation. At the heart of security is an electronic swipe card that needs to be stored safely on an employees person whilst working. The metal detectable swipe card holder allows personnel to identity an employee whilst on the premises.

Access control systems are popular, simple and an effective way to control access into and within any commercial buildings, whether it be commercial offices or specific buildings such as food or pharmaceutical industries. When the card is swiped or presented to the reader located outside of the door, the card is read and the system then decides whether to open the door or to deny access, based on the rights of the employee.

Such industries need to access control certain areas of their buildings where products are particularly vulnerable to accidental or deliberate contamination. Swipe cards in metal detectable swipe card holders now offer more security and convenience benefits to employees. For instance, users can attach a lanyard or clip so they can be stored around an employees neck or on their trousers.

Features & Benefits

• Both X-Ray visible and Metal Detectable
• Minimal Parts
• Impact Resistant
• User Friendly Design
• Cost Effective & Environmentally Friendly
• Easy to Clean
• Anti-Microbial

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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