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Stoko® Kresto Kwik-Wipes® 70-ct Canister


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Stoko® Kresto Kwik-Wipes® 70-ct Canister
Textured wipes for quick cleaning of dirt, grease and grime. No rinsing required.

KRESTO® KWIk-WIPES are moistened, textured towels that feature the Kresto® cleaning formulation for lifting away tough dirt, grease and grime. KWIk-WIPES are perfect when a sink is not available, convenient to use at work stations and ideal for maintenance fleets. They are designed for use on hands but can also be used on tools and other surfaces.

KWIk-WIPES have been laboratory tested for cleaning efficacy. CFC free and low VOC. Non-dilimonene solution means greater skin compatibility.

• Remove towel from canister or bucket.
• Wipe soiled hands/tools until all of the dirt is removed by the towel.
• No rinsing is necessary.

Features and benefits
• For quick waterless cleaning of dirt, grease and grime.
• Textured wipes
• Ideal for mobile workers and others without ready access to water.
• Great for cleaning even ground-in dirt.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
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