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Stoko® Stokolan® 100ml Tube


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Stoko® Stokolan® 100ml Tube
This highly concentrated skin care cream soothes dry, cracked skin and can aid in the prevention of dermatitis.

STOKOLAN® is a silicone-free skin care cream that spreads easily, works quickly into the skin and leaves no residual “greasy” feeling.

STOKOLAN® has been proven very effective in helping to prevent and treat dry, rough and even cracked skin caused by work-related conditions (attrition dermatitis). By adding moisture and oil to the skin, STOKOLAN® assists in the natural regeneration of the skin. If applied regularly, it keeps the skin soft and smooth, and prevents it from becoming chapped or dry, a condition that could indicate the onset of occupational skin disease.

Areas of Application
STOKOLAN® is ideal for use in any industrial setting, as well as many other workplace settings. It is particularly helpful in situations where people have to work with solvents, without gloves and where people are exposed to cold and/or dry weather conditions. Many people in office environments also love STOKOLAN®.

Instructions for Use
• Rub small amount of STOKOLAN® thoroughly onto clean, dry skin.
• May be applied to the face.
• STOKOLAN® should be regularly applied after work. In cases where no special before work skin products are used, it can be applied before work and after breaks.

Features and benefits
• High Lipid Content
• Non-greasy Formula
• Silicone-free
• Excellent Skin Compatibility
• Gender Neutral Fragrance
• Adds moisture that has been depleted during workday.
• Also means product does not have to be reapplied after every hand wash.
• Workers wont lose their grip on tools, equipment , etc.
• Will not leave “fisheyes” on electronic parts and painted surfaces
• Leaves soft, smooth skin with regular use
• Appeals to male workers


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