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Indura Soft Full Featured 9 oz. Delux Style Coverall 12.4 Cal/cm2 (HRC2) Temp-Test Electrical Arc Protective Clothing is Made from a Variety...
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SMS Lab Coats 25/case Durable and comfortable. The durable SMS material used in these lab coats protect from dust, dirt, grime and water-based...

These Indura Soft Welders Pants offer the highest level of protection from flames. Everyday, welders are exposed to hazards including heat, flames,...
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UBIZ5 BIZWELD IONA COVERALL 9.5oz. ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 (ATPV 11.2 CAL/CM2 (HAF 80.4%)) Fabric Conforms to NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 UL Classified to...

Industrial Shirt with two front, open-top pockets,button closures. Made from 7 oz. fabric Color of shirt is Royal Blue.
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Leather Jacket is made from chrome tanned, side-split cowhide sewn with Kevlar thread. Rivets at the edge of each seam for added protection. Snap front and...
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Leather Cape Sleeve and Detachable Bib Provides protection for the arms and upper body, leaving the back and lower torso unrestricted. Elastic under...
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Baffin® Maximum (ST) With the following features and benefits: - Oarprene acid and oil resistant compound - Generous wider fit...

UFR21 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT ANTI-STATIC COVERALL ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 (ATPV 8.2 CAL/CM2 (HAF 75.5%)) Fabric Conforms to NFPA 70E Lightweight Comfort –...
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