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NEW LOW PRICE! ALL MUST GO! Winter Bomber Jacket Class 3 High Viz Yellow Clearance Item - Select Sizes availble in this style jacket....
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TEMP-TEST HOOD W/LENS - 45 Cal The faceshield in the hoods were evaluated using AsTM F2178 standard Test Method for determining the arc rating of...
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TEMP-TEST 50" Coat Electrical Arc Protection Wear 45-Cal/cm2 ATP Value=51.3 Temp-Test Electrical Arc Protective Clothing is Made from a...
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TEMP-TEST 35" Coat Electrical Arc Protection 45-Cal/cm2 ATP Value=51.3 Temp-Test Electrical Arc Protective Clothing is Made from a...
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14" & 18" Superior ® Cut-Resistant Double Layered Sleeve SOLD PER EACH Available with thumbslot and without thumbslot. Cut Level 2...
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UFR21 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT ANTI-STATIC COVERALL ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 (ATPV 8.2 CAL/CM2 (HAF 75.5%)) Fabric Conforms to NFPA 70E Lightweight Comfort –...

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AF73 ARAFLAME SILVER COVERALL ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 (ATPV 5.9 CAL/CM2 (HAF 63.1%)) Fabric Conforms to NFPA 2112 Outperforms Market Leading Brands...

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High Visibility Rain Pants Catch the Eye - Keep You Dry! A pair of high visibility rain pants from SafetyMart keep you more comfortable in rain, sleet...

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ProCare™ Class 3 Rain Jacket with Hood Suit is made from light weight stretch polyurethane and backed with a polyester blend. Double stitched and...

Bizweld Flame Resistant Coverall Portwest UBIZ1, this flame resistant, functional coverall is 100% cotton, has a flame resistant finish and is sewn...

FR89 BIZFLAME 88/12 SHIRT 7.0oz ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 ATPV 8.2 CAL/CM2 (HAF 69.1%) ASTM F1506-10A Fabric Conforms to NFPA 70E and NFPA...

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Indura Soft Shirt 7 oz. 8.7 Cal (HRC2) Temp-Test Electrical Arc Protective Clothing is Made from a Variety of Flame Resistant Fabrics...
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