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Stoko® Reduran® Special 100ml Tube

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Stoko® Reduran® Special 100ml Tube - Close out! Reduran® Special is a unique hand cleaner for the removal of dyestuffs which are reducible under alkaline conditions. REDURAN® SPECIAL is a slightly alkaline, solvent and preservative-free specialty hand cleaner for removing dyestuffs. The reducing agent contained in the products converts dyes into their colorless form. Then, the synthetic detergents In REDURAN® SPECIAL emulsify the dyes in water, enabling them to be rinsed from the skin. Areas of Application For removing dyestuffs which are reducible under alkaline conditions, such as printing and copying inks, fruit and vegetable colorants, aniline dyes and azo dyes. Use • Rub REDURAN® SPECIAL thoroughly onto dry hands. • Add a little water and wash until most of the colorant/ dyestuff has been removed. • Rinse thoroughly, using plenty of water. • Dry thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the washing procedure after drying. Features and benefits • Special cleansing system for removing dyestuffs • Contains reducing agent • Contains all-natural walnut shell powder as a scrubber • No water added • Preservative-free • Ideal for situations where dyestuff contamination is difficult to remove • Reducible dyestuffs are converted into their uncolored form and can then be washed off the skin. • Enhances the cleansing process, will not plug drains or pipes. In addition, walnut shell powder is a biodegradable, renewable raw material, making it kind to the environment • Effective and economical cleansing with only small amounts of cleanser needed • Can be used by individuals sensitive to preservatives 30152


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