The Use Of Metal Detectable Pens

by Safety Mart

Because of the never ending improvements of technology throughout the years, we are now provided with a large range of advanced technologies which can help us with many aspects in life. In particular, these newly advanced technologies can go as far as having a dramatic affect on the ways in which businesses are running their operations. In fact, there are always changes on the horizon that can completely restructure how a company works its business. Even the smallest new inventions can make a significant difference in the operation of companies all over the U.S. and abroad.

One of the most recently discussed inventions in the health and safety industry is the metal detectable pen, which was created purely for the purpose of food processing and similar applications. These pens can also be found using metal detectors found within pharmacies and food chains. While some people may not understand the actual purpose of this metal detectable object, others are normally very pleased with the outcome of using them in their jobs on a day to day basis. Just so you know, the primary purpose of these metal detectable pens are of course to maintain a high standard of health and safety in the food industry. Because at the end of the day, consumers aren’t going to be particularly very happy if they happen to find a pen in their food.

With this being said, here’s some interesting information about these metal detectable pens and how they can be used for numerous purposes.

Food Industry for Health and Safety Accommodations

If you work in the food industry, then you of all people can attest to the fact that this type of pen is particularly very handy in the food preparation process. This is because these pens have been designed with a consistent flow of ink that work in very low temperature environments and settings. In specific, the metal detectable pens can be found in many different frozen food production companies. Often, these pens are essential in food preparation because they prevent food, which workers are handling, from being contaminated. This is because they are made with antimicrobial materials. As a result of these properties, people can find them throughout the world of food chains and pharmacies.

Used on Non-Traditional Surfaces

Let’s face it, regular ink pens can be used on different surfaces. However, there are specific surfaces that they do not penetrate well so they are not easy to write on. The same does not apply to the metal detectable pen, because unlike ordinary pens it has been specifically designed to write on surfaces that the traditional pen does not do well on at all. Many of the most common pens include allowing individuals to write important information on glass, metals and even on plastic surfaces without smudging or fading out. For instance, the automobile industry will often find this pen a coveted option because it can write effectively in grease.

Specific Customized Operational Needs

Another great feature that companies may want to consider is how this innovatively designed pen can actually be used. One of the most important things is identifying out how these pens can best be used in the company's operations. Because the overall design can vary greatly from one company to another, business owners are normally pleased to know that they can order these pens with special clips, retractable features, and numerous types of materials.

Even though some people may not need these pens in specified colors, other companies have guidelines that will only allow them to use red or black.

Many companies are benefiting greatly from the use of metal detectable pens. This is because this pen has been designed with numerous purposes in mind. They can be used in the frozen food industry to accommodate sanitary needs, on different non-traditional surfaces to assist with essential documentation and can be customized to a company’s requirements and specifications.